Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday Papers

Sunday Papers
Contour Drawing - 13 February 2011
Graphite Pencil on Paper
53cm x 33cm (21" x 13")

I am putting the finishing touches to a painting that I will post next weekend. In the mean time, here is my latest and favourite contour drawing.

It is Elaine lying on the sofa, reading the Sunday papers. (In case you missed the last post - contour drawing involves not looking at the paper while you are drawing. This is why Elaine doesn’t really look like Elaine and the proportions are a bit crazy.)

I like the composition and the simplicity of the lines. The composition is pure chance. It is a result of not looking at the paper while drawing. I wouldn’t immediately think of cropping Elaine’s head and feet, but it sort of works.

Elaine is suffering for my art. I though she was having an enjoyable Sunday morning, but she was freezing cold and developing a stiff neck. Next time, I will remember to enquire about her comfort.

This is my last drawing from Section 1 of The Natural Way to Draw. I am a day behind schedule, but I should catch up by the weekend.

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