Sunday, 30 October 2011

Modelled Drawing in Ink (Continued)

Another Right Hand
Modelled Drawing - 21 October 2011
Ink on Paper
35.5cm x 38cm (14" x 15")

I am two lessons into Section 9 of the Natural Way to Draw, which means I have completed a third of the course.

Section 9 features the return of the modelled drawing in ink. I am really enjoying it and I seem to have picked up where I left off with the original exercise (see Modelled Drawing in Ink).

The instructions in Section 9 are slightly different from the original exercise. You don’t have to use a rotating scribble. The instructions encourage you to use whichever strokes best help to describe the surfaces of the subject.

This seems like an invitation to cheat because the basic premise of the exercise remains the same - describe the weight of the object and the shape of its surfaces. You are not supposed to think about edges and outlines, but sometimes my directional strokes just happen to fall along the edge of the shape. What am I supposed to do?

I ask this question a lot. Some of the book seems ambiguous and even contradictory, but this is not a bad thing. It forces you to think about the meaning and purpose of the exercises rather than blindly following instructions.

Fish Sculpture
Modelled Drawing - 17 October 2011
Ink on Paper
40.5cm x 30.5cm (16" x 12")

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn Sun on Berry Head

Autumn Sun on Berry Head
Watercolour on Paper
34cm x 52cm (13.5" x 20.5")

Elaine and I visited Berry Head last week while on holiday in Dartmouth to celebrate her birthday.

I painted the picture at one of Tony Slater’s (see Tony Slater) painting days. The theme for the day was painting large.

I like the idea of the picture, but am disappointed with the execution. I made the mistake of starting the painting without deciding how to represent the dazzling reflections on the sea. I realised I didn't have a plan when I was faced with a rapidly drying wash and no idea of what I was going to do next. Some timely advice from Tony saved the day.

The experience has helped me to recognise that I need to build a bigger repertoire of techniques. I’ve been focusing on producing paintings with my current skills and now I need to spend some time experimenting and just messing around with watercolour.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Angel Cat Thing

Angel Cat Thing
Watercolour on Paper
15cm x 16.5cm (6" x 6.5")

This strange little creature lives at Hartworks house in Dartmouth (Dartmouth Self Catering). It is a sculpture created by Marie Prett (Marie Prett). Elaine wants a similar piece for her birthday, but I cannot find anything like it. I will keep on looking and hope she will accept this picture as a temporary alternative.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Old Brass Jug

Old Brass Jug
Watercolour on Paper
13cm x 18cm (5" x 7")

This is an old brass jug from one of my favourite pubs - the Black Horse at Caythorpe.

The picture started as an experiment in painting a photo realistic image, but I quickly realised that I don’t have the technique, eyesight or patience for photo realism. Some of the very detailed photo realistic painters must be using huge magnifying classes and very small brushes or have super human eyesight and coordination.

The picture at the bottom of the post is my anatomical modelled drawing for the week. This is the most complicated modelled drawing I’ve tried. The thumb is a bit weird because I ran out of time before I finished it. Halfway through the drawing I had a moment of confusion and couldn’t decide what should be lighter and what should be darker. I had to take a couple of minutes to reread and contemplate the instructions for the exercise.

My Right Hand
Modelled Drawing - 6 October 2011
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
34cm x 46cm (13.5" x 18")

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ten-Minute Form Studies

Sporty Elaine
Ten-Minute Form Study - 25 September 2011
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
34cm x 37cm (13.5" x 14.5")

This is a ten-minute form study from the Natural Way to Draw. It is a cross between a gesture drawing (see Gesture Drawing) and a modelled drawing (see Modelled Drawing) and surprisingly takes 10 minutes - which is not a lot of time.

The book describes it as a cross between gesture drawing and weight drawing (see Weight Drawing), but I think it has more in common with modelled drawing because you use pressure on the crayon to show how the form moves towards you and away.

Elaine says that I’ve given her a pole dancer’s pony tail, but I think it has more of the look of Sporty Spice.

I am trying to get more practice doing modelled drawings of anatomy. The picture at the bottom of the post is of my left foot. Somehow I’ve made it look more unpleasant than it really is, but I am pleased that it has a solid three-dimensional feel like the shoe in the previous post (see The Return of Modelled Drawing).

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling recently and have not had much chance to paint. I have three paintings on the go and should have at least one ready to post before next weekend.

My Left Foot
Modelled Drawing - 1 October 2011
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
28cm x 48.5cm (11" x 19")