Sunday, 20 March 2011

Farewell Contour Drawing

On The Other Hand
Contour Drawing - 19 February 2011
Graphite Pencil on Paper
28cm x 30cm (11" x 12")

This is my last contour drawing for a few months.

I’ve finished Section 2 of the Natural Way to Draw and contour drawing disappears from the schedules for the next 4 Sections, which is 20 weeks in my timetable.

It is like losing a friend. Initially I hated it, but over the last 10 weeks, I have come to enjoy time spent contour drawing. It is a restful activity as long as I accept that the results are likely to look mad and I don’t have any preoccupations or time pressures.

Hopefully, I will have a similar breakthrough with gesture drawing, because the schedules all contain 65 gesture drawings a lesson (week).

I’ve read the instructions for the first exercise in Section 3. It mostly involves scribbling with crayon. I will post the results in a couple of weeks. Prepare yourself for something like Mr Messy from the Mr Men.

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