Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Final Farewell to Modeled Drawing in Water Color

Modelled Drawing - 26 February 2012
Watercolour on Paper
40.5cm x 23cm (16" x 9")

This really is my last Modelled Drawing in Water Color.

Elaine is lying on a pillow with a sheet covering her lower half. The sheet is crumpled and piled up on her back.

I drew it in four 25-minute sessions. One of the biggest challenges was to reorganise the sheet at the start of each session so it at least vaguely resembled its original appearance. In retrospect, I should have used a much simpler arrangement, but you live and learn.

I’ve already celebrated my last Modelled Drawing in Water Color (see Farewell Modelled Drawing in Water Color). I wasn’t overjoyed to find this one lurking in the schedules, but I enjoyed it. I’m pleased to have had a last chance to make friends with the exercise before it really did disappear.

Why Multitasking? Elaine is posing for me and watching the TV.

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