Sunday, 17 March 2013

Not Still Life

Coconut Palm
Watercolour and Ink on Paper
14cm x 28cm (5.5" x 11")

Maggie Latham's tutorials on Ink and Wash were the inspiration for this picture.

I’ve not had the time to follow all the exercises, but they are interesting reading and I am experimenting with some of Maggie’s suggestions.

The picture is completely different to my previous ink and wash drawings (see  Ye Old Dog & Partridge and Holiday Sketch).

For this study, I drew the palm with an old sharpened twig and applied the watercolour washes with a dainty decorating brush that Elaine gave me for Christmas.

My Tools

I had not intended to post the drawing. My plan was to present a picture from yesterday’s gathering of the Shelford Group of Artists, but I didn’t finish anything. The subject for the day was Still Life and I spent most of the day drawing.

Hyacinths (Work In Progress)
Watercolour on Paper
25cm x 34cm (10" x 13")

Who would have guessed that bottles and flowers could be so complicated? Why didn’t they tell me?


  1. Mark, this palm painting is awesome! So glad my blog posts inspired you to try this in ink and watercolour wash.

  2. Thank you Maggie. I was pleased with it and will be trying some more of your exercises. My previous experiences of ink and wash had seemed quite staid. This was a lot more fun.