Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer Landscape

Its No Joke
Watercolour on Paper
34cm x 14cm (13.5" x 5.5")

Yesterday was the Shelford Group of Artists’ Painting Day for June. Tony Slater’s theme was Summer Landscapes. The organisation of the day was different to usual. In the morning, we went out sketching and in the afternoon, we painted a picture from our sketches.

This was a perfect opportunity for me because I want to sketch while Elaine and I are on holiday, but I haven’t had much experience. The day gave me a chance to decide what kit I am going to take and to think about an approach for drawing landscapes.

It was also a useful experience of what it is like to draw outdoors. I have a dread of attracting a crowd of critical onlookers. Yesterday has helped me to realise this is an unlikely scenario. I saw four people all morning and the only interaction we had was to exchange hellos as they jogged or cycled past.

Its No Joke - Sketch
Watercolour on Paper
28cm x 19cm (11" x 7.5")

This is the first sketch I drew while I was thinking about a composition. It includes the helpful reminder that the expanse of green in front of me is grass – who could have guessed? Once the sketch was finished, I did some gesture and contour studies of the landscape. Next time I intend to focus on gesture drawing before deciding on a composition.

I was due to finish the Natural Way to Draw yesterday, but I am a few days behind schedule. The current plan is to finish on Wednesday and to celebrate with an ice wine cocktail.

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