Sunday, 8 March 2015

The View From Porlock Weir

From Porlock Weir - Version 1
Mixed Media on Paper
27cm x 19cm (10.5" x 7.5")

Porlock Weir is a small village and harbour on the North Somerset coast. I visited it for the first time last November - the day before my sketching trip to Dorset (see Portland and the Chesil Beach). Elaine spent the weekend learning about upholstery techniques and I was left to entertain myself.

These pictures are of the view from Porlock Weir across Porlock Bay to Hurlstone Point and Bossington Hill.

I am continuing to experiment with the ideas from Ann Blockley's books and DVDs, but in these paintings I was also trying to channel some elements of Stewart Edmondson's style.

From Porlock Weir - Version 2
Mixed Media on Paper
27cm x 16.5cm (10.5" x 6.5")

When I am messing around with techniques, I tend to work on two (or more) versions of a subject at the same time. This gives me a backup in case one of the experiments goes badly wrong and also allows me to explore variations on the theme.

By the time they are finished, I usually have a definite favourite, but there are always good bits in both versions that I would like to combine.

In this case, I prefer the version at the top of the post but there are some good elements in the second version. The gouache sea was a mistake, but I like the patch of sunlight on the right of the hillside.

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