Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Study of Drapery – Part 2

Long Study of Drapery - 2
29 January 2012
Graphite Pencil on Paper
39cm x 35.5cm (15.5" x 14")

This is the second long study of drapery from the Natural Way to Draw. It took 6 hours - split into 3 2-hour sessions.

I learnt from the first study (see The Study Of Drapery - Part 1) and this time I drew the outline of all the folds before starting the shading.

The result is slightly disappointing because the folds in the middle of the fabric don’t look as three dimensional as the examples in the book. This is because the examples are of more complex arrangements and are drawn from an angle rather than face on. The next time I draw a drapery study I will include both of these factors in my setup.

This is the end of Section 11. It has been a change from the previous sections. They were all about focusing on the subject. The shading of the drapery requires you to spend more time looking at the paper. I wonder what is coming next.

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