Sunday, 5 February 2012

Modelled Drawing of Drapery

Modelled Drawing of Drapery
Modelled Drawing - 3 February 2012
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
47cm x 34.5cm (18.5" x 13.5")

Section 12 from the Natural Way to Draw features the return of modelled drawing – the subject for the drawings is the model with drapery.

On Friday, I drew the drapery without the model - I thought this would be an interesting exercise and I felt guilty about asking Elaine to pose because she had already posed for a modelled drawing and all the gesture drawings.

This drawing was a challenge because of the delicacy of some of the folds. I fell in to the trap of going too dark too early and reached a point where I was close to giving up and starting again.

This is a familiar experience for me with modelled drawing. I have to pause and remind myself the purpose of these exercises isn’t to create works of art and I can learn just as much from carrying on as from starting again.

It is usually a prompt for me to think less about the paper and to focus more intently on the subject. At the end of the exercise, there are always some positive aspects in the drawing.

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