Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another Modelling the Straight and Curve Study

Sarah Watching TV
Modelling the Straight and Curve (15-Minute Pose)
6 April 2013
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
34cm x 20cm (13.5" x 8")

This is my latest Modelling the Straight and Curve study from the Natural Way to Draw.

I enjoy the exercise and the simplicity of the resulting drawings, but it is possible the studies should be more abstract. There are some lines in my drawings that are not definitely straight or definitely curved and I suspect there are more curved lines than straight (but I haven’t counted them).

If the exercise appears again, I will focus on emphasising (or even exaggerating) the straightness and curvedness of the lines. (Is curvedness a real word? Should it be curvaceousness?)

I am grateful to Sarah for posing for the study. Elaine and I visited her this weekend and she kindly offered to pose – there was very little cajoling – she practically volunteered. Thank you Sarah.

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