Sunday, 14 April 2013

Water and Reflections

Water and Reflections (Work In Progress)
Watercolour on Paper
34cm x 24cm (13.5" x 9.5")

Yesterday was the April painting day of the Shelford Group of Artists. The subject for the day was Water and Reflections. Tony Slater painted a demonstration of some boats viewed across an estuary. He applied a purple glaze to his almost finished painting. This added atmosphere and transformed the image into an evening scene.

I started this picture of fishing boats in Brixham harbour. I created the reflections by dragging the colours of the boats down the page with a damp flat brush. It is a complicated scene and there is a lot left to do. The next step is to add some dark shadows and reflections between the boats and then to take stock and decide where to add details - I also need to sort out the perspective at the back of the light blue boat.

I am building up a backlog of half completed paintings. I still haven’t finished the still life with hyacinths that I started at the previous painting day (see Not Still Life and Shelford Group of Artists Easter Exhibition 2013).

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