Sunday, 9 October 2011

Old Brass Jug

Old Brass Jug
Watercolour on Paper
13cm x 18cm (5" x 7")

This is an old brass jug from one of my favourite pubs - the Black Horse at Caythorpe.

The picture started as an experiment in painting a photo realistic image, but I quickly realised that I don’t have the technique, eyesight or patience for photo realism. Some of the very detailed photo realistic painters must be using huge magnifying classes and very small brushes or have super human eyesight and coordination.

The picture at the bottom of the post is my anatomical modelled drawing for the week. This is the most complicated modelled drawing I’ve tried. The thumb is a bit weird because I ran out of time before I finished it. Halfway through the drawing I had a moment of confusion and couldn’t decide what should be lighter and what should be darker. I had to take a couple of minutes to reread and contemplate the instructions for the exercise.

My Right Hand
Modelled Drawing - 6 October 2011
Lithograph Crayon on Paper
34cm x 46cm (13.5" x 18")

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